• Heidi Smith Communications - public relations Sarasota Bradenton Florida
  • Heidi Smith Communications - public relations Sarasota Bradenton Florida
  • Heidi Smith Communications - public relations Sarasota Bradenton Florida

About the Go-To PR Pros

Heidi Smith Communications Inc. is a strategic communications firm providing executive-level consulting and public relations services for corporate communications, brand marketing and community-building. We are the Go-To PR Pros™.

Heidi Smith, APR, CPRC, is president and owner. Heidi is a strategist focused on achieving the business objectives of clients through relationship-building, creative communications and process improvement. She and her associates have consistently delivered results for clients in the private and public sectors in Southwest Florida and nationally. The Go-To PR Pros™ possess extensive experience in the functions of communications, public relations, branding, issues management and community relations.

Heidi serves as chief strategist and project manager for multi-disciplinary teams of seasoned professionals whose skills may be required for specific projects. This fluid approach to staffing allows us to custom design a team – from graphic artists to advertising experts – based on your unique requirements. This model also allows us to collaborate effectively with your in-house staff or previously selected contractors, according to your preferences. We also integrate seamlessly with creative and marketing agencies seeking C-level PR counsel for their clients.

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Ask Our Clients

Our brand gained wide national exposure through a targeted editorial placement campaign designed and implemented by Heidi Smith Communications. The project and the results fit beautifully into our overall marketing strategy.
H.R., Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator

We recommended Heidi Smith Communications to a client and were wowed by the results. We trust the Go-To PR Pros to provide C-level counsel to our clients and to collaborate seamlessly with our team.
D.S., Marketing Agency

When we need results-focused external help on communications or community relations, Heidi Smith Communications is the go-to source for us. Heidi ‘gets’ what we do and the community we serve in Southwest Florida.
K.B., Economic Development Executive