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Six Reasons Not to Pitch Your News Story

In a recent consultation with the CEO of a technology company, he asked an excellent question. We discussed pitching his company's story to a journalist and why now could be a good time for some coverage.

His question: Is there a reason we wouldn't want to do this?

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What Editors Wish Young Journalists Knew, Part III

This is the final installment in a series in which editors reveal what they tell the less experienced journalists in their charge. For public relations professionals who don't have the benefit of newsroom experience, this series will open your eyes.

I've saved the most philosophical offering for last. It's a short-form op/ed that should be required reading in every J-school.

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What Editors Wish Young Journalists Knew, Part II

This is the second in a three-part series interviewing editors about their challenges in coaching less experienced reporters. Public relations professionals can learn a thing or two from viewing the news process through an editor's eyes.

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What Editors Wish Young Journalists Knew, Part I

Public relations professionals deal with journalists of all stripes and skill levels.

We learn quickly who does their homework and writes thoughtful, balanced stories. We also know whose copy requires careful scrutiny to advise reporters, and sometimes editors, on errors that require a public correction now, or just a gentle nudge for future reference.

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When Facebook Has Value: Content Matters

Just when you've absolutely given up on Facebook posts sharing anything that makes a real difference in your day, a brilliant message comes along.

What makes a post resonate? Emily Sperling, U.S. president for the ShelterBox charity, demonstrated her social media gift recently. Look and learn.

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Journalists Dish: Most Annoying Words or Phrases Used in News Releases

In my quest to purge the public relations profession of habits that annoy journalists, I invited some editors and reporters to unload on news release writers.

“What are the most annoying words or phrases used in news releases?” I asked. “Think of content that makes your eyes roll and your finger hover over the delete button.”

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Earn Respect from Journalists with Simple PR Courtesies

Top PR pros know that relationships with journalists are their bread-and-butter. Those relationships are based on mutual respect that grows from a two-way street of simple courtesies and professional work product.

As a PR professional, your work product should be exemplary – that’s a given. But are you applying the same diligence to delivering on courtesy with the journalists in your life?

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How NOT to Approach a Journalist

There are ways to absolutely guarantee that your story pitches and news releases will be ignored by editors.

Here’s an email from an editor describing “how NOT to approach editors.” A real-world case, believe it or not: “This PR consultant is demanding, condescending and clueless about what we’re looking for and how many releases we receive. Every time we see this person’s name in our inbox we shudder and delete.”

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