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Seven Tips for Becoming a Go-to News Source

What would you think of someone who invited you to a party, and then wasn’t home when you arrived?

That’s exactly how reporters and editors feel when you invite coverage and then fail to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. Journalists, like party guests, don’t take kindly to what amounts to rudeness. Be a no-show for your own news story, and you can expect the media to ignore your message in the future.

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In PR, Spin is a Four-Letter Word

As a novice tennis player, “spin” is a desirable skill I’m trying to master. As a public relations professional, it’s a four-letter word that makes me sigh, roll my eyes, and count to 10 to prevent a rant.

From business executives to TV shows like “West Wing,” the suggestion to “spin” a crisis or negative story is prevalent and harmful. Whoever coined the job title “spin-meister” should be flogged with a wet copy of the Sunday New York Times.

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Six Valid Reasons for Seeking Publicity -- Stroking Your Ego is NOT One of Them

Most business owners are eager for positive publicity, but their reasons for trying to garner media coverage are murky at best.

“No one knows we’re here” is not a valid reason to tell your story. If that’s your reason, just admit that it’s about stroking your own ego. Publicity is like any other business investment that is part of your public relations strategy: it should be based on rational factors and objectives related to the bottom line. Here are six valid reasons for seeking publicity:

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What Journalists Don’t Know About Turning PR Pro

Every few weeks another journalist calls or emails me asking for advice on making the leap from news to public relations. I’m glad they ask, because most don’t have a clue.

It’s a sign of the times and shrinking newsroom staffs. Reporters, and even editors, can feel the breeze from the swinging axe.

I’m a reformed journalist, myself. Having successfully made the transition from news to PR, I can offer a few points for journalists to consider before diving into a PR career.

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Mobile Marches On. Are You Falling Behind?

One in five emails is read on a mobile device. Mobile devices make up 8.2 percent of all Web browsing. If you still aren’t thinking mobile for public relations, advertising, email campaigns or Websites, think again.

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Wake Up! There’s a New World Order for Delivering News

For any PR pros who have been napping: Wakey, wakey! There’s a new world order for delivering client news.

The catalyst for change is, of course, social networks that allow anyone who has heard your news to Tweet, Facebook, blog and otherwise blab before traditional media have even adjourned their morning editorial meetings. The procedure for timing distribution of your client’s news release and related social posts deserves another look and probably an overhaul.

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More Than a Head Shot: Five Keys to Compelling CEO Portraits

Kim Kulish is one of America’s premier CEO portrait photographers. An award-winning photojournalist, Kulish has become a sought after portrait artist for major news outlets like Forbes, Fortune and BusinessWeek. Kulish, who lives in the San Francisco Bay area, has photographed popes and presidents, CEOs and celebrities. The photojournalist and artist in Kulish compel him to do much more than set up some lights and snap a photo.

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Sleek PR Attracts Celebrity Endorsement

What happens when a celebrity buys in to a small business? How does global demand for the company’s product strike you?

The celebrity factor, though, is icing on the PR cake for Florida-based Sleek Audio, which makes high fidelity in-ear earphones. The company’s high-end audio gadgets have won accolades from Popular Science, as well as a feature in WIRED magazine. The company’s business story – bringing manufacturing back from China – won coverage from USA Today and FOX Business.

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